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Mechanical Restraint Training, Including Both Soft and Hard Restraint Cuffs

Awards, Training and Accreditation Schemes Offered By The ICM For Mechanical Restraints:


There has traditionally been much debate as to whether industry such as security and Health and Social Care sectors should operate with the possible use of mechanical restraints when managing server upsurges of challenging violent behaviours towards others.

There has been much consultation on the use of both hard and soft cuffs over recent years which the ICM has been monitoring and or involved in consultation to its usage. There is many national guidance and laws through the immigration and criminal law 2008 act to the Mental Health Act that will support the use of soft or hard cuffs under reasonable justification and through proportionality.

The ICM is pleased to be able to offer voluntary accreditation schemes and training in the use of both hard and osft cuffs within its accreditation sector through:

  • The awarding of the ICM-QAC Accreditation at Level 1 signifies attendance level and passed certification

  • The awarding of the ICM-QAC Accreditation at Level 2 a three day award allowing to teach others at attendance level with pass certification

  • The awarding of the ICM-QAC Accreditation at Level 3 a five day award allowing the deliver of trainer training courses

If you have any questions regarding these training schemes then please contact us with your enquirers. Please Note that for the level 2 and level 3 the ICM will expect all those which to attend to have achieved full professional membership and have achieved the Physical Skills Award.



Our Mission Statement

Setting Standards In The Prevention and Management Of Agressional Behaviour and Conflict In The Work Place


A society and work place where everyone can enjoy the same rights and responsibilities

Our Values

Are based on the foundation for the relationships we build with our members, our committees, both local and national public and independent partners

Championing Rights

Human rights is at the core of everything we strive to achieve. We enable, support and empower our members to provide ethnically and professional core training that supports our vision and values.

Centred Approach

We represent our members interests at a national and governmental level, and lobby on behalf of everyone who has an interest in preventing work-related challenging, aggressive and violent behaviours.

The ICM is a forum for exchange of ideas and opinions and is very much member led.  We actively encourage all our members to take part in national developments and attend UK wide committees.

Evidence, Expertise and Experience,

Our approach is underpinned by a rigorous evidence base and expertise. We use our long-standing experience to translate policy into practice.

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