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ICM Event Programs

Events The ICM Hold Through Out The Year:

  • Workshops

  • Board Meeting

  • Annual General Meeting

  • ICM Members Conferences

  • National ICM Conference (Every 3 Years)

  • Members Forums

  • National Led Partnership Meetings

  • Continuous Professional Development Events

  • Physical Skills Workshop Events

  • Health and Social Care + Education Development Committee

  • Security Development Committee

  • National Standards Development Committee

Annual Refresher Courses and Quality Assurance Inspections:

  • L323 Refresher Courses

  • Continuous Professional Development Sector Specific

  • Quality Assurance Inspections (Annually)

  • ICM Physical Intervention Skills Tutor Training Courses

  • ICM L324 Inspection Training Courses

  • Physical Skills Panel

  • Quality Award Centre Panels

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