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If you are serious about preventing challenging behaviour,violence and aggression in the workplace, then join an Institute of Conflict Management with a remit to do just that, across all sectors UK Wide. 

The ICM represents all those engaged in the purchasing and provision of training. It seeks to educate training commissioners and purchasers on the management and training processes that are essential to preventing and managing work related challenging behaviour, aggression, conflict and violence.


The ICM is allied with many organisations/companies within various sector’s, many of whom stipulate that a trainer must be a member of the ICM (e.g. National Health Bodies licensing Bodies etc.). 


Our members are increasingly being called upon to provide training, through our Membership and Training Award Schemes which are nationally recognised due to:


  • National Foundation Certificate Awards

  • National PI Standards Awards

  • Quality Award Centre Schemes

  • Membership levels of Approval

  • Annual Quality Assurance Checks Of Training Providers


By joining the ICM you will be assisting us in working towards reducing work related agressional behaviour in the work place, whilst together we continue to raises these issues nationally at all levels e.g. through governmental committees, and to make a positive contribution in the prevention and management of work related violence and aggression. 

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