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The Institute of Conflict Management

The Institute Of Conflict Management is a membership-based organization dedicated to providing comprehensive training, resources, and support to individuals and organizations in the ethical and appropriate prevention and management of work-related violence.

Our members have access to courses, webinars, conferences, and a community of like-minded professionals who are passionate about protecting the safety of their clients and colleagues.

Become a member today and join the movement to create a safer workplace for everyone.

The Institute of Conflict Management (ICM) is a non-profit organisation that promotes conflict avoidance, management and resolution across a range of different service sectors, including: Healthcare, schools, Government, transport, security, retail and leisure.


The ICM was registered in 1998 and incorporated following endorsement by the UK Health & Safety Executive in 1999 and is based in the United Kingdom. The HSE appointed the ICM chair of the National Development Group for the creation of the National Occupational Standards for the Prevention and Management of Work Related Violence.


ICM members offer a variety of courses and qualifications. In addition, ICM Quality Award Centres can certificate their own courses through demonstrating their compliance with the ICM National Training Standards.


The ICM is licensed to provide its members with access to certification for training which meets the Security Industry Association (SIA) training standards for those working in the private security sector.


The ICM works with industry partners to develop standards which take account of different operational limitations, population profiles, regulatory frameworks and cultural issues applying in the different service settings.


The ICM is committed to promoting ethical standards and best practices in the field of conflict management.

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